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Fish and chips van coming to Kimpton

Get your freshly cooked fish and chips from the van located in Kimpton Memorial Hall car park tomorrow, Wednesday 28th July, from 5pm to 7pm. Enjoy mouth-watering food and have a break from cooking!

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Kimpton Horse Show 2021

Kimpton Horse Show 2021 is back on Sunday to celebrate their 77th show in style! Whether you are planning to come and compete or just to enjoy the atmosphere at one of the few remaining Village Shows in the region, join them for fun and friendly competition. The aim...

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Proposed constituency boundary changes

Initial proposals for constituency changes – 2023 review The boundary commission is reviewing Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England and proposing that our Harpenden and Hitchin constituency boundary splits; with Harpenden joining Berkhamsted and Kimpton...

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Highway Works in High Street, Kimpton

The Project Manager for the drainage works in Kimpton has contact the parish council to explain the detailed work plan of jetting and CCTV surveying of the highway drainage in order to produce a comprehensive report of the condition etc of the pipework. They are...

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