Greening Kimpton

‘Greening Kimpton’ is a community-led initiative with the sole aim of supporting local people and businesses in reducing energy consumption and waste.

 Working together as a team, we will choose and carry out some small but significant challenges that will result in: 

  • saving us money and reducing energy consumption and waste
  • a healthier and happier future for the people of Kimpton, Blackmore End and Peter’s Green

The Greening Campaign is not exclusive to Kimpton. In fact, it has been successfully rolled out across over 200 communities up and down the country. So let’s join others in working together to secure a safer climate, flourishing nature and healthy air for the next generation. If you wish to find out more from Terena Plowright, Founder of the Greening Campaign please watch 

Please use the form below to vote on your top three challenges for Kimpton.

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