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Changes to Hertfordshire County Council Services effective from Thursday 5th November

These can be found here

Changes to NHDC Services effective from Thursday 5th November

These can be found here.

The Boot PH

From Thursday 5th November the Boot PH will be offering a takeaway/delivery service for food only. No alcohol. As per the current guidelines all orders need to be pre-orders so that time slots can be allocated for collection / delivery.

Opening Hours:

Wed - Sat 12pm to 2pm and 5pm to 7pm

Sundays 9am to 3pm

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Please place orders by phone on 01438 832438 or via The Boot FaceBook messenger.

Food Table – A new venture for Kimpton Cares is the operation of a food table at the back of Kimpton Church for people to take or to contribute. Kimpton Church is open every day during daylight hours and everyone is welcome to visit. The food table will be for non-perishable items with an expiry date of at least 2 months. Suitable items are detailed in the following table, as used by Luton foodbank.

Kimpton Virtual Christmas Market

Sadly, we’re not able to hold a fourth Kimpton Christmas Market on The Green this year, but we wanted to continue to support and promote our local businesses who have had tables in our craft marquee. We hope that residents will ‘buy local’ for their gifts and discover the amazing and talented people selling their products during these difficult times. We’ve started a list of these creative companies on our Kimpton Christmas Market page and would be pleased to receive more listings from stall holders or even those who were going to apply in 2020!


With life returning to the high streets and lockdown restrictions easing, Hertfordshire residents are being encouraged to do all they can to prevent COVID 19 from resurging in our county. To find out more see information from Hertfordshire Resilience team Hertfordshire_Resilience_Update

Protect Kimpton – response to COVID 19

Play Your Part

Kimpton Businesses

An important message from Jim McManus, Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire

Letter from Jim McManus for businesses

Kimpton Playgrounds

Kimpton Parish Council has opened the playgrounds at the Recreation Ground and Wren Close subject to users complying with COVID-19 guidelines. The playgrounds are not supervised and the equipment is not regularly cleaned, so to help each other to stay safe please:

  1. Keep your hands clean – sanitise or wash them
  2. Wear appropriate face coverings if required
  3. Give each other room. Please keep social distanced
  4. Be patient and kind to each other
  5. Dispose of any rubbish in the litter bins or take it home
  6. Social distance when using the benches

Notice Covid 19 for playgrounds

Information from NHS Advance Care Planning and Guidance for Covid-19

Kimpton Community Support for Coronavirus Outbreak

Corner Stores

Please wear face coverings when entering the corner stores. Only 4 people are able to shop at any one time.

Kimpton Cares

This initiative is continuing to operate as detailed below.

A telephone helpline 07745 903539 and email kimptoncares@gmail.com have been set up for residents to contact if they are in need of help in any way. This may be to collect shopping or prescriptions, a practical emergency, access to food banks or just for someone to be a listening ear. We appreciate that companionship is going to be vital for people but, following the new strict rules on social distancing and interaction, we will not be able to visit residents. The phone will be manned 8am to 8pm with an answerphone outside these hours. All contact will be dealt with in strict confidence.

Visit Kimpton Cares FB for up to date information.

We have a growing number of volunteers who have offered to support the community in numerous ways and so we will try to assist people who encounter a problem during these difficult times.

Privacy Notice for Kimpton Cares

Shopping and Delivery Services to Residents

1. The Boot PH Menu for food

From Tuesday 24th March – Take Away food and drinks from 12 till 2pm and 5pm till 7pm until otherwise notified. Pre-orders would be helpful and welcome but also orders at the door.

2. Claggy Stores is offering a home delivery service for groceries to the Kimpton area. Please call Sanjay, Anita, Ailsa and Sarah on 01438 832359 or 833923.

Or text your Name, Address and Order to 07875 301565

3. Trussell Butchers come to Kimpton every Thursday from 1.30 to 3 pm in Claggy Road Orders can be made by telephone 01438 812304 or email Deliveries to home addresses

4. Eat Wholefoods will deliver to Kimpton from their on line shop

5. The Farm Butchers from Codicote will deliver to Kimpton on Tuesdays and Thursdays to those that are self-isolating. Please call the day before with your order 01438 820342 Card payments only.

Business Support

Letter from Bim Afolami MP- Business Support

Keeping safe and keeping in touch

Government daily bulletins are providing advise on hand washing, social distancing and self-isolation. Going forward it is going to be paramount to avoid unreasonable risk to our own health and to offer help to the elderly or those most susceptible to serious ill health issues. We’re very grateful to all those who have volunteered their services to our community. Self-isolation can be a difficult and lonely time for many. Volunteering your time to offer some basic support can make this period a lot easier.

Keeping in touch is going to be vital in the coming weeks and months. Posts on Facebook Kimpton Village Group reach out to over 2,000 members and a number of WhatsApp support groups have been set up in the village. Checking on your immediate neighbours and friends is also happening.

Kimpton Parish Council will use the Kimpton Email alert scheme to send out information and keep this web site up to date. Anyone wishing to be added to the email circulation list should contact Carina Helmn, Parish Clerk on clerk@kimptonpc.org.uk or 07891 452832.

Kimpton Parish Church has adopted the ‘Hello, if you are self-isolating, I can held’ note. If you have elderly neighbours next door or nearby, who may be self-isolating, and want to check on them but can’t think of a safe way, then these notes can be printed off and put through their door. Hard copy of these notes can be obtained from the Church or from the Vicar, Rev’d Linda Williams lindalpwilliams@hotmail.co.uk or 01438 833348.

What are the updates on Kimpton activities?

Playgrounds are closed until further notice.

Kimpton Church. All public and congregational church services in C of E Churches are suspended until further notice, (with the exception of funerals and weddings subject to Government guidelines on social distancing. Info on christenings to follow).

However, at this challenging time, people may wish to request prayers for those in need, and a place of prayer, support and spiritual refreshment and so the Church building will remain open daily as usual.

BLAST will not be meeting until after Easter.

Kimpton Surgery closed from 9.30am on Wednesday 18th March until further notice. For more information:

01438 715044 Bridge Cottage Surgery; 01438 840240 Bridge Cottage Pharmacy

Use E consult link via web page.

Keeping Fit Active and Creative are launching a Fit and Fantastic/Pilate class on Friday 27 March on You Tube https://bit.ly/ActiveCreativeWeeklyClasses

Kimpton Primary School is closed until further notice.

Kimpton Events

  • Kimpton Autumn Show 2020 has been cancelled.
  • Kimpton May Festival 2020 has been cancelled. Some activities may take place later in the year.
  • Kimpton Art Show 2020 has been cancelled.
  • Kimpton VE celebrations has been cancelled.
  • Dacre Rooms will not hold Friday coffee mornings until further notice
  • No Kimpton Folk Events.

Kimpton Groups and Activities

  • No Fit and Fantastic, Pilates, Friday Circuits, Boxercise with a possibility of organising some outdoor classes or remote access.
  • No Probus, WI, History Group or Garden Club meetings until further notice.
  • Loaves and Fishes at The Boot this month has been cancelled.
  • Tea, Tots & Teddies cancelled immediately until further notice.
  • Kimpton Village Community Choir is cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Kimpton Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th March at 7.30pm in Kimpton Memorial Hall.

Information from Hertfordshire County Council

Adult Social Care and the NHS

  • HCC has set up a social care provider hub to support adult care providers. The hub provides a Coronavirus Support Line and email for Hertfordshire Care Providers, with regularly updated FAQs for providers on the Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA)website here: www.hcpa.info/covid-19/
  • We have increased levels of cleaning in all our settings, including day services and supported living and have stopped some services to focus on the most important areas.
  • We are already spending the additional money allocated by the Chancellor to prioritise support to hospitals by looking to enable as many people as possible to come home from hospital or to go to an alternative setting to ensure NHS has the beds it needs.
  • Pressure from our Director of Public Health has also ensured that we have secured a stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for social care workers.

Support to Vulnerable Groups and Individuals

We have been planning for significant numbers of people needing to self-isolate and are working closely with District Council colleagues and other partners in the community and voluntary sector (CVS) to develop plans for providing the support that people may need but who cannot access support from friends, families and neighbours. Specifically in relation to volunteering we are structuring our countywide response as follows:

Making it easy to give and get help

    1. Signposting people who wish to volunteer
    2. Public campaign about how to request help – central phone and website
    3. Matching service for volunteers and opportunities through our vol sector network

Supporting and empowering local groups

    1. Encourage the mobilisation of existing infrastructure to a greater degree
    2. Offering central guidance on how to offer help ‘safely’ e.g. handling money
    3. Who to contact if people are concerned about someone’s wellbeing
    4. Grants to voluntary sector and via local Councillors

Commission different levels of volunteering

    1. Higher Need for those with care needs or symptomatic: personal care with PPE, meal preparation, medication prompts to be led by care providers and existing vol sector specialists like Herts Independent Living Service, HCPA, Care By Us – mainly paid staff but some volunteering
    2. Lower Need support for people self-isolating people but not symptomatic: shopping, prescriptions, dog-walking, washing and cleaning, odd-jobs, mental wellbeing, keeping in touch. Response led by #TeamHerts strategic voluntary sector network

Co-ordinating the strategic response

    1. Understanding where there are volunteering gaps and stimulating activity where required
    2. Grant funding and queries on spending
    3. Professional advice on boundary between professional response and volunteer response
    4. Wide communication with stakeholders including districts and boroughs, parish councils, GPs, wider NHS

This will supplement the numerous local schemes that are already appearing in neighbourhoods and to fill in the gaps – we do not want to discourage any of these. Our approach is to help coordinate the organisations in the county to target those that are most vulnerable as best possible and it is recognised that the type of support will vary.

We will be directing Herts Help, our existing signposting service, to focus entirely on the response to Covid-19 and linking people up with relevant local organisations and volunteers.

We will also ensure our Customer Service Centre is configured to prioritise this work; they already work very closely with Herts Help.

We will be providing additional funding to the voluntary sector to allow them to mobilise a range of volunteers to support the response, whether it be to new roles or to supplement existing organisations.

We will also be providing extra funding to Herts Independent Living Service to allow them to increase the volume of meals on wheels that they are able to deliver to vulnerable people who are isolating.

For people who may have eligible care needs:

For people who need support because they are self-isolating:

Useful Websites

The Government’s website is an important information source https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

HCC’s realtime service updates is a key source of local information https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/about-the-council/news/coronavirus-service-updates.aspx

HCC’s stay safe guidance is here https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/about-the-council/news/news-archive/coronavirus-frequently-asked-questions