Up to 10,000 free trees will be given away to North Herts residents in the autumn and NHDC is inviting you to let them know now if you would like one.
Tree species will include field maple, silver birch, common white birch, hornbeam, hazel, common hawthorn, beech, sweet cherry, bird cherry, mountain ash and lime. Each tree sapling planted will help the fight against climate change and benefit local biodiversity.

To register your interest, you must live in North Herts and have a suitable place to plant a tree. If you’re garden isn’t suitable or if you don’t have a garden the tree can be planted at Parkfield Sports Ground, Kimpton. Please let the Parish Clerk know if this is your request and we can incorporate it within our tree planting scheme taking place this Autumn.

To request a sapling please email Green.Space@north-herts.gov.uk including the details below:
• Your name (first and last name), full postal address and email address
• Advise if you would like a tree that can grow in a small, medium or large space

You will receive a receipt email and if you are successful in securing a tree sapling, you will be contacted via email in the early autumn.
Please note that specific tree species cannot be requested and tree saplings will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so register your interest early to avoid disappointment.