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Update on Public Footpaths 34 and 35

Kimpton Parish Council has listened to the comments made by residents at our Council meeting last November. The Council agreed to lay a firmer surface on Footpath 34 and to use a new permeable material, Aggneo supplied by LaFarge Aggregates, which is more suitable than tarmac for this location. The surface works will start at the end of April.

The footpath upgrade will include the removal of overhanging branches, ivy and vegetation encrouching onto the path, so the Council has appointed a tree contractor who will start work on Tuesday 12th March 2013. If you wish to meet us, we will be having site meeting at 8 am at Park Lane. Further, to keep the path clear in the future, we would ask that all residents with properties backing onto the footpath, do keep their trees and vegetation trimmed so that leaf fall is kept to the minimum.

Footpath 35 will remain grassed and be included on the Parish Council grass-cutting contract so that it receives six cuts throughout the growing season.

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