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Public consultation on household waste recycling centres

Hertfordshire County Council has appointed a new contractor, AmeyCespa, to run the household waste recycling centres in the county.

There is an initiative to achieve savings of £750,000 per year while still reducing waste, improving rates of re-use and recycling and maintaining a reliable service for residents.

The key suggested changes, which could save at least £6 million over the next eight years, are:

  • Permanently closing the centres at Hoddesdon and Elstree. This would reduce the number of centres from 17 to 15
  • Changing the remaining 15 sites from a seven day a week service to a five day a week service, with weekday closures (except the small site at Buntingford)
  • Changing opening times, with all sites opening from 8am to 4pm all year (except the small site at Buntingford)

Hertfordshire County Council is keen to hear from a wide range of service users and other interested stakeholders. People can find out more and have their say by visiting and completing the online questionnaire.

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