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Potential closure of the Jarmans Park facility, Hemel Hempstead

You may or may not have heard about this initiative which, although not directly of concern to the Parish Council, we feel should be brought to your attention as there is the potential to lose a facility that a number of people in our community may well make use of.

Jarman Park in Hemel Hempstead is due to be redeveloped following being purchased by Tesco Pension Trust. Under the original plans the ice rink (Planet Ice) was to be retained.  However, it has recently been announced that this will not be the case.   It is now understood that the rink will close on or around 20th October 2013.

This is a terrible blow to the skaters who use this facility as well as the local community. With the recent closure of Milton Keynes for an eighteen month refurbishment this will leave no ice rinks along the M1 corridor between London and Coventry.

There is a news item about the proposal here:

A Facebook group has been set up to discuss and support the ice rink as well as raise awareness of the need of an ice rink in the local area.  The group can be found at

There is also a petition set up in opposition to the proposal:

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