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North Herts District Council – development sites for Kimpton

The latest version of a map showing some potential sites for development in Kimpton is now available for consultation and discussion.  North Herts District Council will be debating the indicative sites for the whole district on the 27th November 2014, and there is an agenda item for the Parish COuncil at the meeting the day before on 26th November.

Please see the map here – Kimpton – proposed sites and green belt

You will probably have seen similar maps before, and you may note that a number of the areas previously indicated have been removed – including the School playing field, the Memorial Hall, Telephone Exchange and allotment site.

However, three possible sites remain as indicative areas for development.

Please note that these sites have not necessarily been offered, or proposed, and are simply indications of where development might take place subject to all the usual applications and constraints.  For clarification, beyond feeding back comments on earlier version of this document, the Parish Council has not been involved in the compilation of this material.

The current broad position is as follows:

  • Site KM1 – this clearly involves an assortment of land and property owners, so may be problematic for a developer to work with.  The main advantage of it as a development site is its central position in the village.
  • Site KM2 – this land is being developed in any event.  Planning applications are being submitted, and construction is scheduled to begin in Autumn 2015.
  • Site KM3 – this land has always been a possible development site, and has been indicated as such by the landowner, although we understand that no formal ‘marketing’ of it has taken place.

Consultation on all of this is ongoing, and our information currently is that a consultation period will be implemented by North Herts District Council shortly after the meeting in late November, and that it will probably run until the end of January 2015.




2 Responses to “North Herts District Council – development sites for Kimpton”

  1. Tim Edwards says:

    If development has to happen in Kimpton, the proposed area KM1
    would seem to be the most suitable, provided adequate access could be achieved, maybe through demolishment.

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