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M1 Junction 10/10A Development

We’ve received notification that there is a proposal to seek consent for a new junction at the M1 Junction 10A for Luton Airport.

The proposed application covers the removal of the existing roundabout and construction of a new junction comprising:

  • modification of the lanes for traffic leaving or entering M1 J10;
  • a continuous carriageway between the M1 spur and the A1080 Airpory Way;
  • widening of the road between the M1 J10 and Capability Green to three lanes;
  • realignment of London Road (north and south) and construction of two new roundabouts and a bridge beneath the M1 spur;
  • slip roads between the new roundabouts and the M1 spur, allowing traffic to join or leave the motorway at M1 J10a

For clarification, the area of work is shown below:

Consultation on these proposals is open until 16:00 on November 15th (having started on Friday 14th October) and more information, and the opportunity to respond, can be found here.


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