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Luton and South/Central Bedfordshire Core Strategy

The Luton and South Bedfordshire Joint Committee resolved on the 29th July 2011 to seek the withdrawal of the Luton and southern Central Bedfordshire Joint Core Strategy on the following grounds:

“In the light of the recent decision  by the Executive of Luton Borough Council to seek a withdrawal of the Core Strategy on the singular  ground that a specific site allocation to the West of Luton has not been allocated, and notwithstanding that in other respects the Core Strategy is supported, then it is agreed that the Joint Committee will recommend to the Secretary of State that the Core Strategy be withdrawn under the terms of the relevant legislation.”

A letter from the Secretary of State was received on 7th September 2011, in which it was confirmed that the Core Strategy must be withdrawn. This now means that the proposals for development on land in the Cockernhoe/ Tea Green area to the north-west of the airport will not proceed for the time being.  If fresh applications are to be made, they will be made under the new legislation currently under consultation.

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