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Kimpton Village Choir

We’re delighted to announce the formation of a new community choir for the village, in addition to the existing Church Choir.

Why not come and see what it’s all about at the first rehearsal on Monday October 3rd, 7.45pm, at 70 High Street, Kimpton.  After that, there will be regular meetings on a weekly basis on Monday evenings, from 7.45pm to 9.30pm,  at Kimpton Primary School.

Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary.

For further information contact Anna Bosatta on 07796 342620

2 Responses to “Kimpton Village Choir”

  1. Liz Barr says:

    Hi, could you give me some more details about the type of music you are singing! How many members does the choir currently have and how much does it cost!
    Many thanks

    • Anna Bosatta says:

      Dear Liz
      Im shocked to see that someone tried to contact me without me realising – 5 months ago! Im so sorry. The Kimpton page is of course not managed by me. I do apologise.

      Anyhow, we are singing a range of fairly simple 3 or 4 part songs, including Gospel, musicals, ‘light’. Not classical or religious as such (apart from Gospel style of course). We work on vocal skills for the first part of the rehearsal and then on pieces, and since the May Festival is over we are working towards a concert on July 1st. Feel free to look in on a rehearsal one Monday (no charge for the first time!) and see how you like it. We are having fun and growing almost weekly.

      07796 342620

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