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Kimpton Litter Pick 2012

Kimpton Litter Pick 2012

Litter Pick Map 2012Litter Pick 2012 MapKimpton needs you!

We want Kimpton to look its best for both residents and visitors throughout the year, but particularly for the Kimpton May Festival on the 1st weekend of May.  Although Kimpton itself has litter collected every week, the surrounding lanes do not and once again, many are in need of a spring clean.

So, with my Kimpton Environmentalists hat on, I’m organising the Kimpton Litter Pick 2012.

It will take a few hours of your time starting at 10 am on Saturday 24th March meeting at The Corner Stores, Claggy Road.  Volunteers will be grouped into 6 teams and each team assigned to a lane leading into the village.  You just need to have a nice walk for a few hours, chat with your colleagues, and collect litter in bin bags while enjoying your countryside stroll.  Full bin bags will be picked up by a roving truck.  After a few hours of walking and collecting litter you can reward yourself with a well-earned drink in The Boot!

The attached map shows the 6 lanes we will be litter picking.  I’ve also attached a photo from last year when over 20 volunteers collected 92 bags of litter (thanks to everyone who helped make that event so successful).

You need to bring your own gloves (gardening or similar).

You will be provided with bin bags, high visibility jackets and litter pickers.

Because of traffic risks, this activity is not suitable for children.

And spread the word – the more people that can help, the better!

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