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Kimpton Flood Investigation – consultation event

Hertfordshire County Council commissioned a study into the flood events that have affected Kimpton, most memorably in 2001. This has looked at how and why the flooding occurred, and will examine ways the flood risk can be reduced in the future. The initial findings of this study are now ready, and you are invited to come along and contribute to the consultation:


Wednesday 19th November at Kimpton Memorial Hall

Presentation: 2 – 3pm

Drop-in session from 3 – 6pm

Repeat presentation: 6 – 7pm

Representatives from Hertfordshire County Council, the Environment Agency, North Hertfordshire District Council, Kimpton Parish Council and the Environmental Consultants ESI will all be present to answer your questions.
For further information contact Emma Ryder at Hertfordshire County Council Tel: 01992 556476 Email:

Public consultation poster FINAL

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