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Jubilee Open Space initiative

The Parish Council have been considering various ways of providing a permanent feature in the village to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, and after some deliberation have decided that a project to renovate an area of open space, currently much under-used, would be an appropriate project to undertake.

Aerial view of proposed Jubilee Open Space, Kimpton










The space in question is off the footpath running between Park Lane and Church Lane, as highlighted in this aerial photograph.  There was a tree on this site which recently had to be felled, leaving only a yew tree on the plot, which is itself discoloured and in need of some renovation.

Currently the plan is to cut back and improve the yew – originally we had considered cutting it down altogether and creating a sculpture using the trunk, but closer inspection revealed that the trunk was unlikely to lend itself to that, so we think we’ll retain it in a reduced form.













With a small paved area, a circular seat, and some appropriate planting around the edges, we hope that the area will firstly be greatly improved in appearance and, secondly, will become a pleasant sun-trap for those walking around the village footpaths.

2 Responses to “Jubilee Open Space initiative”

  1. Mr M Blindell says:

    I read with interest in the Parish magazine, the proposal to create a memorial for the jubilee this year, and agree that the site the council have put forward would suit the purpose admirably,I walk down the pathway, as I’m sure many villagers do, several times a week.
    I was concerned however, with the felling of the Yew tree in order to allow construction to go ahead. I was pleased therefore, that others are of a similar view, as now, after visiting this site, I see the plans are for the tree to remain in situ.
    If pruned correctly the Yew would enhance the area considerably, providing an evergreen backdrop to the memorial during the stark winter months.
    yous sincerely

  2. Annie New says:

    I think it looks like a great idea. Could the Scout Group perhaps get involved in the planting etc?

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