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Dog Waste Disposal Bins

As we mention fairly regularly in the Parish Magazines and elsewhere, there is an ongoing problem with people either failing to collect their dog’s waste or, bizarrely, collecting it in a bag and then leaving the bag in the hedgerow.  This has even been spotted within six feet of a bin!

It’s clear that the vast majority of dog owners behave responsibly, so we would ask the minority who do not to please consider their behaviour, to act with more courtesy and respect for the community.

Dog fouling poses a serious health risk, especially to small children, and owners can be subject to fines if an offence is committed.  Please make a mental note of the bins provided and serviced by the Parish Council (at the expense of the entire Parish, not just the dog owners):


  • High Street/Rec Ground
  • High Street/Hall Lane
  • Park Lane to Church Lane footpath
  • Parkfield Sports Ground x 3
  • Recreation Ground
  • High Street near Luton Rd
  • Claggy Road/Lawn Ave
  • Footpath from Corner Stores to Wren Close
  • Lloyd Way
  • Footpath between 24/26 Dacre Crescent

Peters Green

  • Bus stop
  • Footpath near Village Hall

We thank you for your cooperation!

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