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This page contains links to a range of documents, from Meeting Agendas and Minutes, council policies and other material that may be of interest to residents of the Parish.

Recent and Upcoming Agendas

Agenda 19th July 2017

Annual Parish Meeting (of the electorate) Agenda 24th May 2017

Agenda 24th May 2017

Agenda 26 April 2017

Agenda 22nd March 2017

Agenda 22nd February 2017


Published Minutes

DRAFT Annual Parish Meeting 2017

Mins 24 May 2017

Mins 26th Apr 2017

Mins 22 Mar 2017

Mins 22 Feb 2017

Mins 25 Jan 2017

Mins 23 Nov 2016

Mins 18 Oct 2016

Mins 28 Sept 2016

Mins 20 July 2016

Mins 22 June 2016

Mins 18 May 2016

Mins 27 April 2016

Mins 23 Mar 2016

Mins 24 Feb 2016

Mins 27 Jan 2016

Council Documents

Standing Orders May 2017

Financial Regulations May 2017

Internal financial controls

2017 to 18 committee, working party etc reps

Grant Awarding Policy

KPC grant application form

Code of Conduct

Complaints policy

Data Protection Policy

Disciplinary and Grievance Arrangements

Documentation Retention Policy

Equal Opportunity Statement and Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Internal financial controls

Pensions Discretions PolicyPublication Scheme

Scheme of delegation to committees and clerk

Training & Development Policy for Members and Staff

Register of Interests:

2014 Business Directory


Annual Reports and Annual Returns

Annual Return 2017

Annual Report 2017

Annual Return 2016

Annual Report 2016

Annual Return 2015

Annual Report 2015


Kimpton Bench Working Party Reports

Please view activities on the Bench Working Party website