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Community Defibrillator

Martin Render from the Community Heartbeat Trust is coming to Kimpton to demonstrate the new community defibrillator that has been installed outside Kimpton Primary School. The 2 hour session will cover the use of CPR in the precious minutes in treatment of sudden cardiac arrest and explain how the defibrillator works.

Come to the seminar on Monday 2nd November at 7pm in Kimpton Memorial Hall.

The more people that know how to use CPR and the portable defibrillator the more chance we have to save a victim so please pass on this information to your friends, neighbours or members of any sporting, social or recreational group in the parish. It would be useful if all sporting groups send and event organisers send at least one representative.

Everyone is welcome.

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  1. Tochi Bhatt says:

    what a good idea

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